We brought home a new pup and Brigette came for a home visit and taught us how to clicker train, provided guidance and support, and really set us up for success.
Trudi & Friday the Puppy
We took Brigette’s 6-week Puppy Essentials class, where we learned clicker-based training methods and positive reinforcement techniques. Brigette was a clear, direct, and very patient trainer—especially given our very high energy Blue Heeler puppy. Because of Brigette’s small group class, we now have an exceptionally well-socialized puppy. I can’t emphasize enough how patient and generous with her time Brigette was—she gave us a lot of extra instruction, which was so valuable to us especially in those first few crazy months. We have recommended Brigette to friends as a positive, productive, and versatile dog and puppy trainer.
Tamarack, Noel, & Miles the Puppy
My wife and I decided to register in Brigette’s Foundations+ Training Program with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and clicker training. Prior to our first class with Jax, our puppy, we had an orientation class with Brigette. During this orientation, Brigette was very well prepared and was able to ease any anxiety we had with starting a new class. As we started classes with Brigette, Jax responded very well to her training methods. The way she structured the classes and training really allowed Jax and us to succeed. Through positive reinforcement, shaping, and capturing, we were able to build up the foundations of training with Jax from the basic sit, downs, and stays to more advanced actions like place and mat within a few weeks. The advancement in Jax’s development in the 6 weeks of classes was so nice to see that we decided to sign up for another 6 weeks’ worth of classes. Jax is now a year and a half old and is a very well-mannered and balanced dog. We believe that the 12 weeks spent training with Brigette is a large reason Jax is the way he is now. Although we may have slowed down on the training, the positive reinforcement methods and the use of the clicker learned from Brigette are still used by us on a daily basis with Jax.
Wilson, Amy, & Jax the Puppy

Pet Care

Brigette has done a great job with our new puppy, Frannie – working full-time and having a puppy sometimes isn’t easy. Brigette and team made sure Frannie had the care she needed by providing regular puppy visits, pee breaks and walks. Great service!
Mario & Frannie the Puppy
Brigette has been providing us with generous and compassionate pet sitting for our two senior cats for almost five years now. We trust her implicitly with our boys, and the best evidence of her care is that when we get home from a trip our guys are totally non-plussed. It’s as if we never left! Brigette has no trouble medicating our one CKD cat, and both love her to bits. Highly recommended! s
Devin, Brenna, & Chaucer & Swift the Kittie
Brigette took great care of our 20 year old diabetic cat when we went on vacation. The initial consultation was done in a professional manner and a clear invoice detailing all the services was provided. During our trip away, we received frequent feedback and photos on our cat’s progress. Our cat was taken for scheduled weekly appointments to the vet and, when my cat wasn’t eating the food I left, they sourced some alternative food, which was well received. After our trip, we returned home to a happy and healthy cat, which was fantastic. Definitely give mutt & moggy a try.
Garry & Louis the Kitty
Brigette and Markus are lovely people and I’m so glad to have them in my neighborhood! I use their pet sitting service on a regular basis as I’m out of town for work fairly frequently and I can’t explain how much of a relief it is knowing my cat is in the very capable and caring hands of these two. Couldn’t recommend mutt & moggy more if you’re going out of town and need someone to look after your furry baby.
Rebecca & Artemis the Kitty
Brigette took excellent care of my 2 fur-babies: Nibs (cat) and Chia (dog), while I went away for a couple of days. I appreciated the daily email updates. It was good to know they were being so well looked after, here at home. Thank you, Brigette, from the 3 of us!
Theresa, Nibs the Kitty & Chia the Doggy